Our vision for D.M. Career Consultants is to uphold a trusted advisory service for individuals who are seeking work, want a change in career or simply want to keep their options open. The job market has become a competitive place, so in order to help our clients, we have decided to put our 10+ years of success and experience in Human Resources .
The services on offer vary and can be personally tailored to your needs. All consultations occur over the phone, Skype and email, which helps keep the cost of service to you down.
At D.M.Consultants we believe that your ability to ascertain a role is more than a great resume and cover letter (although this helps to get your foot in the door). Confidence in yourself, interviewing skills and building a personal brand play a vital role in securing that role. 
This is why we offer services such as LinkedIn profile reviews and recommendations, interview coaching, career coaching and even help you find that right role by doing most of the leg work.

There are many career consultancy firms today that operate very transactionally (in other words they just want the money), D.M. Career Consultants identified this gap and decided to offer a genuine personalised service that will see us stand out from the crowd. 

We look forward to hearing from you.