30mins/ $49

  • Build your brand with the experts. D.M. Career Consultants review and recommend the best approach for your LinkedIn profile. Business networking sites can increase your chances of ascertaining your desired role, however it is very important to do this the right way. We give you tips on wording, pictures, and your entire profile. We also recommend contacts and get you on the right path to established a large network that will help in your career or job search.

Interview Coaching

1hr/ $150

  • Set yourself on the right path. D.M. Career Consultants provide a 1 on 1 interview coaching session that is tailored to the sector you may have an upcoming interview for. We do a comprehensive role play and educate you about quality responses and how best to engage your interviewer. Our primary goal is to set you up for success. Interview Coaching can be booked as a standalone service or as an Add On to the Resume & Cover Letter Writing package.

Career Coaching

1hr30mins/ $199

  • Your best chance is here! In our career coaching service, we review your experiences thoroughly and identify transferable skills that could be attributed to your desired role. D.M. Career Consultants works with you to identify your goals and aspirations. We educate you on pathways to reach your desired outcome and build your confidence by identifying and pointing out your value. Furthermore we help you understand how to market yourself and build your own personal brand. If you feel that you have been unsuccessful in ascertaining a role, whether it be by not getting call backs or not being shortlisted, our career coaching service will help you comprehend yourself, your experience and your value. Sometimes a person needs to truly understand their skills and what they can offer before they can secure the right role. Career Coaching can be booked as a standalone service or as an Add On to the Resume & Cover Letter package.

Job Seeker

2weeks/ $299

  • The Job Seeker is a rare service offering in today's market, however our varied contacts in various industries and our desire for you to succeed can strengthen your chances in today's market. This add on service means D.M. Career Consultants do all the work for you, from sharing your resume with various contacts to actively seeking roles for you to apply to, over a 2 week period. D.M. Career Consultants will go that Extra Mile for you!